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My varied interests have lead me down many roads, but my focus seems to have settled into writing, research and genealogy.


Foremost, I'm a writer. You can find my most recent work on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'm currently working on a textbook and a creative nonfiction biography of my great grand uncle, pictured lower left.

Technical Editing

I taught technical communication for more than ten years at the university level, and since then I've assisted clients in research, writing and editing technical documents in the fields of forensic science, technology, and entomology


I have a lifetime of experience in ancestor detective work and family history. I love a challenge, and I've begun developing databases in hard-to-find information such as freedmen and slave family history. I recently discovered that a friend's family was indeed connected to the James Gang, as legend said. Let me find your long lost ancestor's story.

Stone Art and Restoration

In addition to my desk job, I'm a Jahn certified stone restoration artist, so I am always personally involved with the restoration of cemeteries for whom I find funding. Though I may hire muscle to help me reset stones, I generally prefer to repair damaged or vandalized stones myself.

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